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Weed of the Month: Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)

Originally from West China, jasmine may smell and look fantastic, but this is one very nasty weed. As a rapidly growing climber it is able to reach even the highest of established trees, smothering and eventually killing them. This is a great time of year to get into the bush to take out jasmine, before the weather warms and the bees and wasps are out in full force. 

Control: Unfortunately this is one of the most persistent weeds out there, so you must be persistent in return. Firstly, if you have any on your property growing up trees, cut the jasmine at the base of the tree. It’s from the ground that jasmine gets its nutrients, so cutting it will at least give your tree a rest from the smothering! Hand pull out runners and try and find where the larger main stems are. Cut these and apply woody weedkiller (a Yates product or similar) on the freshly cut stems. Ensure all usual precautions are taken (no rain or dew for at least 4-6 hours). The jasmine will re-sprout for possibly years after (I still have the odd new growth 7 years after beginning my control). For this regrowth hand pull or spray the leaves with woody weedkiller (be very careful not to apply this to any natives/plant you wish to keep). For more specific herbicide help go to www.weed 

Description: Evergreen climber with smooth edged leaves and pink buds that flower into white clusters throughout the year.

Looking for an alternative? Try Star Jasmine (a native) for similar flowers and smell.

Thanks to Weedbusters for the content and images.

Rita Steel



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