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Local Area Plan

Our Local Area Plan (LAP) was constructed by the late Waitakere City Council and took about 2-3 years to complete,

It is a very useful reference, but how often does the Auckland ‘super-city’ Council either refer to it, or take knowledge from it to guide decisions that impact Waiatarua and the Waitakere Ranges.

The publishing of the LAP was a very important milestone for Waiatarua since before the LAP existed there was nothing that officially defined Waiatarua!  Only since 2009 have we been able to even get Auckland Council to put Waiatarua on the suburb on our rates bills.

The Waiatarua Local Area Plan presents the outcome of a series of conversations, meetings and workshops with members of the Waiatarua community and beyond.

The workshops and meetings held between November 2008 and May 2009 provided a chance for Council to listen to people about the kind of future they wanted for Waiatarua. The focus was on gathering and understanding people’s ideas about the way the community looks and feels now and in the future. Their ideas and visions for the future have been further analysed and developed to form this Local Area Plan. Submissions were sought and received on the proposed Local Area Plan between August and September 2009.

This plan was adopted by the Council on 3 December 2009.  Conversations with members of the community identified the need to set long term goals to work towards. People wanted to avoid the creeping destruction of character by being able to deal with cumulative effects.

They also wanted to retain the area’s distinctive local identity and its natural forest setting.

The Local Area Plan will guide the actions that help to achieve the desired future for Waiatarua. The council will make changes to other Plans – those parts of the Local Area Plan relating to resource management matters will be introduced into the District Plan through a plan change process, and those matters relating to services and facilities will be introduced into the Long Term Council Community Plan and Annual Plans. Community-led actions to implement the LAP are encouraged.

Waiatarua Local Area Plan, Waitakere City Council, 2009,