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WRRA Executive Committee

[lsvr_content_box]The executive committee is elected annually at the AGM which is held in February.

Any member of the WRRA can be nominated for election.

The rules stipulate that at least one Librarian shall be co-opted as a member of the executive committee.  The current librarian on committee is Grant Longley.

See below to find out more about the committee members.

The current editor of the Waiatarua Community News is Erin Kingsleigh-Smith.[/lsvr_content_box]

[lsvr_team_member name=”Thomas Hoey” role=”President” portrait=”2552″]Tom has extensive experience as a Not for Profit Board member and spent 10 years as a board member and Chairman of Northern Football Federation. He is currently the Executive Chairman of Neuro Connection Foundation, Executive Director of Taifead Holdings and owner/Director of TJH Consulting Limited. Tom was recently elected President of the association and is looking forward to the challenge. The Association delivers an important service to the community and it is important that we continue to deliver and expand on the service to preserve the beauty of the area in which we choose to live.

Phone: 027 585 1486


The WRRA President’s Role and what it entails

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PDF Document[/lsvr_team_member][lsvr_team_member portrait=”3047″ name=”Erin Kingsleigh-Smith” role=”Waiatarua News Editor “]Born in West Auckland, I grew up in Green Bay. I spent 8 years living in the
UK from the early 90’s where I met my English husband. We returned in 2001
and lived in Henderson for another 8 years before moving to Waiatarua 11
years ago where we have a 2 acre lifestyle block (or “life sentence block”,
as my husband calls it) . We have two teenage sons, 11 chooks and 2 cats. I
have always had a passion for reading, writing, spelling, grammar and the
English language generally. I have been your Newsletter Editor for nearly 4
years now and really enjoy putting this publication together once a month. I
hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I like creating it for you.


The WRRA Newsletter Editor’s and what it entails

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PDF Document[/lsvr_team_member][lsvr_team_member portrait=”2210″ name=”Ryan Robertson” role=”Committee member – Technology”]A former President of the WRRA, I’m pleased to introduce myself as your Technology Portfolio Head.  After having grown up in the Warkworth area, I’ve spent time working both in the south island and then abroad in the United States, where I met my wife Ariana. We fell in love with the Waiatarua/Oratia area due to its semi-rural location, great kindergarten & school, beaches on our doorstep, all the while being a relatively short 35 minute commute to work. With that, we purchased a section on Rimu Road a few years ago and have been thoroughly enjoying getting to know the community ever since.

In this role I will be managing and coordinating all of the computer-related activities for the organisation, determining our IT needs and having responsibility for implementing computer systems to fulfil the organisation’s information systems requirements. I will also ensure that we stay up to date with new email systems and ways of sending data to our members via digital platforms, as well as ensuring that our  technology is appropriate so that we connect people, build relationships, increase participation in governance, reveal common needs and shared values and enhance the ability to act for the better of the Association.[/lsvr_team_member][lsvr_team_member name=”Grant Longley” role=”Committee member – Library” portrait=”2273″]Resident of Waiatarua for the past 35 years, volunteer at our library and
representative of the library on the WRRA. Active at the Oratia Bowling
Club, Western Auckland Stamp Club, Auckland Philatelic Society, Waiatarua
Community Patrol, deliverer of library books to “home-bound” persons for
Auckland Libraries.[/lsvr_team_member]

[lsvr_team_member portrait=”2212″ name=”Marq Holibar” role=”Vice President”]Born and living in Waiatarua from the 1960’s (apart from 6 years away in the 1980’s) with three generations of the Holibar family name having gone through Oratia District (Primary) School. I have lived in Cascade Ave since 1995, and was previously in Turanga Rd.
I work full time in Ellerslie as the HR and Operations manager for a large nationwide company in the Health Sector running a team of HR professionals and the Operations Team which cover the day to day  stuff like Health and Safety, Customer / Client issues, Systems and processes, Help desk, Privacy Officer, legal compliance etc.
I have extensive management experience across several industries running both small teams and large to full Profit and Loss accountability.
My father was the WRRA President involved with the initial setting up of the hall in the 1970’s and my mother was the initial librarian that set up the Library which we still have today under the hall.
I am keen to ensure that we get greater community engagement and use out of both the library and the hall.
With the current council looking for cost savings it is important that we use it or we risk losing it, so I welcome hearing from you all on how to achieve this.


The WRRA Vice President’s Role and what it entails

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PDF Document[/lsvr_team_member][lsvr_team_member name=”Matthew Smith” role=”Treasurer and Hall Hire Manager” portrait=”3046″]I’ve lived in Waiatarua my whole
life and I hold a heavy passion for volunteering and helping out the
community where I can. When I’m not out hiking in the Waitakere ranges or
helping those in need with local fire brigade duties, I’m dealing with the
day to day finances and working closely with the other WRRA board members.
After recently graduating and joining Ernst & Young as an audit associate,
it was a clear cut choice for me to put my hand forward when the opportunity
arose to get stuck in and help with the Treasurer role.
At a young age, I already have a great deal of experience with financial
management roles that span from local start up projects to working with
global Fortune 500 listed companies. I’m looking forward to working
alongside our committee members and helping drive changes that will create
positive impacts within our community.


The WRRA Treasurer’s Role and what it entails

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PDF Document[/lsvr_team_member][lsvr_team_member portrait=”3044″ name=”Rita Steel” role=”Committee Member – Environment”]Born and bred in the city, I moved out west as soon as I left home, living in Piha to be by the surf and slowly making my way back closer to town. I’ve lived here since 2006 and am controversially on the border of Oratia and Waiatarua. As a self-confessed “townie”, I was scared of my backyard for the first five years, so stayed away. Eventually I discovered that I not only had quite a large backyard, but that wasps, weeds and fallen down trees had taken it over. Determined to see natives thriving again (and create a low maintenance garden) my boyfriend and I set about restoring the land. Almost 10 years later and I think we’ve created a perfect place to raise our 2 children. I initially wanted to help others similar to me (no idea what they were getting into) fuelled with my passion for the environment and sustainability, so I joined the Waiatarua R&R and created an environmental portfolio. I am a huge advocate for the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area and believe we have a special duty as residents of such a unique place. I have an environmental science degree and am particularly interested in ecology and environmental l economics. This year in my role at the WRRA I have a significant number of goals and initiatives. If you’d like to know more about this year’s plan, help out in any way, sign up to any of these projects or raise any concerns my email address is


The WRRA Environmental Role and what it entails

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PDF Document[/lsvr_team_member][lsvr_team_member portrait=”3045″ name=”Peter Casey” role=”Committee Member”]I’ve been involved with the WRRA as an executive committee member since 2014, and five years of that as President. I’m staying on the committee this year with the personal mission to support Rita Steel on the environmental issues by reviving the weed action group, which was a bunch of us who needed help on our properties getting rid of or managing invasive weeds. We would rotate around the group, usually on a Saturday morning, helping make a big difference for someone. The host would always ensure a hearty lunch was available for the weed crew. If you’ve got invasive weeds at your place and would like some help, and to help others then please get in touch with me at[/lsvr_team_member]

Being a Committee member – whats involved

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The WRRA Secretary’s Role and what it entails

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