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The Waiatarua Ratepayers and Residents Association, (WRRA) is often pronounced by locals as ‘The Warra’, or  ‘Tha Wurra’ depending on the Kiwiness of your accent. 

The WRRA is a non-profit Incorporated Society formed in 1964. “Because of bad temper and that’s the truth of it. We had all received our rates notices and were furious.” said Pat Cole, as written by Jeanne Wade in Song of Two Waters, An early history of Waiatarua. Jeanne was a Past President of the WRRA, and early history of Waiatarua. The original motive for formation of the WRRA was to lobby against Waitamata County Council rate rises which unfairly increased rural rates.

Since then the WRRA has carried out the objectives of the Association with a committee elected from community volunteers 

All locals are invited to become members to ensure they stay in touch with what is going on in Waiatarua.

From the rules of our society

The objects of the Association, which is a non-party political Association, shall be:

  1. To encourage and organise combined efforts to achieve the objects of the Association.
  2. To co-operate with the Statutory Bodies in looking after the affairs of the District and to secure the maximum fair expenditure of the rates and levies made by such Bodies within the District for the benefit of ratepayers, residents and visitors.
  3. To present a community voice to local and national statutory bodies, and other organisations where matters arise of concern to the general community or an individual association member. The committee may decline to assist an individual member if it decides the issue is trivial, vexatious or outside the committee’s ability to help.
  4. To encourage community participation in local and national democratic processes.
  5. To pursue and undertake any activity with the object of establishing, improving or preserving social, cultural or sporting activities or amenities, and the unique natural environment of the area.
  6. To co-operate with or act in support of any person or organisation in or towards the achievements of the objects of the Association.

If you think there’s a good reason to change any of the objects please get in touch.