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Waiatarua Community Hall

undergoes interior facelift

The interior of the hall is looking very smart with the old, tatty curtains having been recently replaced with automatic blackout blinds, as can be seen in the two photographs. The WRRA have also purchased a sound system which is portable with wheels, and comes with two cordless mics. It’s a sturdy unit that has the ability to also do Bluetooth, SD card, radio, all built in. In addition we have a new projector screen installed. Everything has been tested in the hall and everything is working well.

Big thanks to Matt Smith who organised the ordering and installation of the blinds and Marq Holibar who sorted out the new sound system and projector.

Now that we have this new equipment in our hall we are in a better position to host community events — but we need YOUR input as to what you would like to see there. A few ideas might be quiz nights, movie nights (which can easily be held during the summer months now that we have blackout blinds), debates, or Bitchin’ bingo. How about some fitness classes such as yoga or pilates? How about a brainstorming evening at the hall to discuss event ideas? We really need more community engagement so that we can host events at our hall which is at present very under-utilised.

Contact Tom Hoey on with all your brilliant ideas, of which there are sure to be many!


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