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Summer is coming!

While last updates were predicting a La Niña summer (wetter conditions than normal), all bets are off this season, given last year’s La Niña summer brought drier conditions than normal. So with that in mind make sure your gutters are clear, your pipes are all working and you have no leaks in your tanks because collecting rain water becomes a priority this time of year. You can also protect any plants you’ve planting by ensure a good layer of mulch or cut grass etc to cover the soil (keeping it wet). Don’t weed mid summer (unless you’re weeding noxious or invasive species like climbing asparagus and jasmine). A layer of chickweed will protect your soil from the harsh sun.

Have you got wasps?

Are you plagued every year by wasps? In particular the yellow jacket? Wasps cause damage to property and native ecosystems and can be dangerous, so we are proud to announce we now have a FREE solution for residents of Waiatarua and Oratia. We have funding for a wasp blitz weekend – thanks to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board. We have 8 volunteers who will be trained to set and lay 80 traps and bait for yellow jackets during their peak protein seeking phase.

If you have seen a lot of wasps on your property and would like to register for the wasp blitz weekend please email me on The project will be on a first in, first served basis and take place in late summer/early autumn to ensure we get to the colonies at the right time.

Sign up now!

Rita Steel



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