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Some Progress with Auckland Transport

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  • Letter to the Editor
    I was reading the Waiatarua Community News recently and I noted  with interest the article on the roading issues.  I live on Forest Hill Rd and have been flooded out several times due to a lack of maintenance on the roadside drains. Of note was a storm that caused a slip in June 2020 which blocked the roadside drain and then debris blocking the drain during the storm in August 2021 (due to a roadside sign placed in the drain by roading contractors).  In both cases I contacted the council immediately and asked for an urgent clearing of the slip/blocked drain. Despite them saying someone would be there shortly, no one ever came. Long story short, despite numerous phones and emails, the slip wasn’t cleared until January/February. The August 2021 incident wasn’t cleared until May 2022. The driveway culverts were also meant to be cleared at the same time but weren’t (other than shoving a spade up each end and forgetting about the centre of the pipe). The council passed the job onto Auckland Transport (AT) (who issued a case number), but they were as useless as the council.
    I have to maintain the roadside drain to prevent flooding (including the slip) as the volume of water and roadside debris being diverted onto my property is huge (water starts to collect from the Community Hall, several hundred metres up the road). Every time it rains heavily I have trouble sleeping and sometimes will work from home due to my concern.
    I have asked for a bund to be put between the road and my property so I at least have some protection from flooding, but nothing. 
    The council have a complaint email and promise to reply within three working days, but I have never had a reply from any of my complaints sent to them despite that promise.
    I have found the council and AT woeful, dishonest, unhelpful and basically negligent. 
    I look forward to hear any outcome you get.
    Gerhard, Forest Hill Rd

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