Waiatarua Community Patrol Give-A-Little Page

The Waiatarua/Oratia/Henderson Valley Community Patrol (known as Waiatarua Community Patrol), has begun a Give-a-Little page to help fund the running and maintenance of the car that you see cruising the neighbourhood.
Volunteers patrol in  our community to help keep it safe and prevent crime.
You can also make a donation into the petrol account at Kenlock Motors – every little bit helps us to help you

Forest Hill Road Repair

Janine Moore from Oratia District School has sent this notification

The Ministry of Education has advised that there will be work carried out on Forest Hill Road which will require a portion of the road to be closed affecting the Oratia School Bus 4 Run:

Quick rundown of the job:

  • Full road closure on Forest Hill Road at house no. 227 (residents only between Kelly’s Road and West Coast Road) for 8 weeks, starting 27th April
  • Construction of a large retaining wall to fix a slip – half of the road is currently missing and pavement is compromised
  • Bus services travelling this route will not be able to traverse the site
  • Site has been under a temporary traffic light stop/go since June 2020

The school has been in touch with Ritchies and at this stage they are unable to confirm how and if the School Bus 4 will run over this time.

Could you please make arrangements to bring your child to school and be collected from school on the first day of term. The school will update you on that date (or before if we hear).

Supporting Your Community

Stair training

Stair training Upper Nihotupu Dam

There is an Autumn feeling to the air, signalling the change of season, which is a great time to remind everyone to check their smoke detectors, or if you don’t have any to stress how important they are in saving lives.  In the Healy household we recently upgraded our smoke detectors to ones that talked to each other wirelessly, which had the bonus of an afternoon’s entertainment with one of us up a ladder pressing the test button while the other ran round the house to see if they really were talking to each other.

By the time you read this the Brigade would have attended the Oratia School Fair on the 27th March with a couple of the fun FENZ educational trailers.

Also getting out in the community are several of our Brigade Members who are training for the Firefighter Sky Tower Stair Challenge.  The challenge raises money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand.  They will be climbing 1,103 steps across 51 flights wearing 25kgs of structural fire fighting gear.  You may spot them training out at the Nihotupu Dam.

The Challenge takes place on 22nd May 2021, if you would like to support the team please visit:




Thank you to Watercare for supporting the team by allowing access to their stairs for training.


A Facelift for the Library

The Library is open again. What a difference new carpet, curtains and paint do to a place! It looks so bright and clean, I don’t think we realised how badly it was in need of re- decorating.

We hope you and your friends will come along to see us soon, we will be ordering some new books shortly.

Waiatarua Community Patrol – Summer News

Firstly we welcome our new Patrol Co-ordinator/Chairman, Sue Dell, who has been with the group for 8 years (previously as Training Co-ordinator). We also extend a huge thank you to Les Duffield (outgoing Co-ordinator/Chairman) for his leadership over the past 8 years (founding the group in 2013). We are grateful that Les is remaining as an active patroller, Trustee and interim Training Co-ordinator. 


Forest Hill Road – What Auckland Transport had to say

Forest Hill Rd slip update: Auckland Transport has replied to my questions regarding progress with the Forest Hill Road slip. Disappointingly this reply contains little advance on that reported by Paddy Compter in his comment to my last post, but for the record AT has stated that: AT has a design to construct a full retaining wall and has secured the funding. This will allow them to re-instate this section of road.
A contractor is ready to start, however as a safety precaution, Vector is to move their lines before the start of construction. AT is currently working with Vector to have these lines removed as soon as possible.
Auckland Transport assured me that they are taking this very seriously and doing everything in their power to ensure this work is completed as fast as possible. But AT’s update concluded by stating that – given the situation they cannot give a definite timeline, though they may be in a position to give a timeline in the next 4 weeks. So, time drags on.
I replied to AT’s update with attached photos of the roadside opposite the slip, showing where people had thrown domestic rubbish including a bed mattress which is up against the small retaining wall on that side and I suspect this is covering the exit of the stormwater drain because there is water being retained in the cesspit to a level higher than the discharge pipe.
This rubbish has obviously been there for years, the mattress has been there since I first looked last October. People should be caught and prosecuted for this type of indirect vandalism but most importantly this demonstrates the absence of any roadside monitoring and maintenance. I have requested AT to inspect the roadside and for someone to clear the rubbish.

Forest Hill Road – Whats Happening Now?

27 January 
Forest Hill Road slip. I approached Auckland Transport last October for an update on when work would start to remedy the subsidence on Forest Hill Road and when it was expected that both lanes would be working again. I was told that civil engineering and planning was virtually complete, and the work would start shortly. That is now almost 4 months ago and as everyone knows, little has happened at the slip site.
I have visited the site regularly (4 times) since October and observed the continuing road movement indicated by the reference marks painted on the road surface by AT, presumably. The slip is SLOWLY moving despite the drier than usual whether of the last months, and in my humble opinion the roads structural integrity could come under threat. We will get a large rain event sometime in the future and this could have catastrophic effects. I presume AT knows this evidenced by the construction of an ad hoc roof over the slip and a hot mix bunding to direct rainwater away from the slip face and associated storm water cesspit. I am not a roading engineer, but I do have experience with trying cheapy-home handyman-temporary-ad hoc fixes and I can assure people they are seldom successful.
I have written to Auckland Transport with my observations and comments and reminded them that an event leading to the full closure of Foresthill Road would be catastrophic for commuters from Waiatarua and Piha. I have asked for a full update on the current situation and will update the community as soon as I have a response.