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Pedestrian Guidelines – walking/running in Waiatarua and Oratia

Even though there are fewer vehicles on the road whilst under Covid Levels 4 and 3, there are still some vehicles being driven unsafely and you still need to take care whilst out walking or running.

Where there is a footpath, use it.

If no footpath:

  • Walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic (except on curves, where it is best to walk on the outside of the curve);
  • If possible, walk off the road, or as close as possible to the edge of the road;
  • At night, wear light-coloured or reflective clothing, or carry a torch to help you be seen;
  • During the day, avoid wearing dark clothing;
  • Don’t use headphones/earbuds whilst walking—they limit your awareness of the environment around you;
  • Avoid using your mobile phone.


If you see a car being driven unsafely, take note of the make, type (car, van etc) colour and registration number and phone 111 (if an emergency) or *555 (urgent, but not life-threatening).

Non-urgent—submit a form though The offender receives a letter from the police but is not charged.

If you wish to press charges you need a lodge a complaint at a Police station.

Other ways to report

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 – report crime anonymously or online at

Thanks to Diane Wood, Treasurer of the Oratia Ratepayer & Residents Association for the content.


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