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Notorious Intersection Strikes Again

Our notorious Scenic Drive, Piha Road  intersection has been unusually free of accidents and incidents over the recent 12 to 18 months. This may be attributed to Covid 19 and the resulting absence of overseas tourists who usually drive on the opposite side of the road to New Zealand. Due to the “confused” layout of this intersection these visitors have often found navigating through this intersection  a challenge that has resulted in many incidents in previous years. Unfortunately on Thursday 15 July, a driver missed the roadway completely and smashed into the bush between the convergence of the Piha Rd and Quinns  Rd. The police reported that the female driver has suffered serious but not life threatening injury.

The accident was attended by a number of police cars and the bottom right photo shows a police officer in the middle of the intersection  taking measurements and photos. Above and to the left of him the camera on a pole has been installed by Auckland Transport to monitor accidents and incidents.



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