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Fire Brigade News

Despite an increase of “fast and furious” wannabes on our local roads, it’s been a relatively quiet month.
Read further about how to make your home fire safe, recruitment and the Brigade’s members achievements and celebrations
Steve Smith, Chief Fire Officer 021 398 425
Jay Percival, Deputy Chief Fire Officer 021 205 2756

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How to choose a library book

I enjoy reading, but can never decide what book to read next. We have a great library below the community hall, but I always feel a bit overwhelmed at the huge number of choices available to me. Being a nerd from way back, I decided to let technology help me. I have created a spreadsheet on my phone and when I open it, I randomly get told what book to read. It tells me: The stack number (A – F) Front or back side (1 or 2) Shelf number (1-5) Book count from left (1) or right (2). I follow those instructions, and whichever book I come to, that is the one I borrow and read. I have found lots of books that I would never have chosen otherwise.

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Car vs power pole causes outage

This was the scene in Forest Hill Road on the afternoon of Tuesday 5 September at about 4:30pm. The orange hi-vis is not the driver which is why he has been greyed out. The driver seems to have lost control on the slippery road. Although obviously shaken, they were not hurt, and it took until about 5am the following morning to restore the power.

Tony Bacon