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June Update on Progress

The latest update on the repairs to the slip on Forest Hill Rd is that it is on track to be opened in the first week of July, scheduled for 2 July. The steel beams are in place and the on site crew are currently completing the retaining wall, and back filling, including installing drainage.

Progress has been steady, although the crew say they have been a little hampered by hard stand-stone substrate (making drilling diffi-cult) and some poor weather. They said the decision to close the road completely for the project, while inconvenient for locals, has avoided a much longer project, and they appreciate the public’s forbearance. 

For those on social media, local Judy Beech has been taking regular photos of the works and has been posting these in the Waiatarua Facebook group for anyone interested. 

Some of these most recent photos seen here were taken by some of the works crew as they were able to access areas on the site where Judy was not. It will be great when this work is finally complete and the road open again 


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