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Broadband in Waiatarua

Many Waiatarua residents have slow internet, or none at all! Fast broadband internet connection is essential in Waiatarua for many reasons

  • Many of us work or learn from our homes; no fast internet and much of this becomes impossible.
  • We are further away from the CBD than most and the benefit to Auckland and the planet by being able to work online from home is indeniable.
  • Where there is copper ADSL, many of us suffer extreme slow-down when we have to share the local cabinet with our neighbours.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The WRRA is excited to announce fibre network installation in the Waiatarua is now underway.

To view the estimated fibre install date at your property, use the Chorus ‘Address Check’ tool.

For the latest updates on our fibre broadband installation, check our Community News page.


The Basics

Telephone and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide phone and internet services over the Chorus copper network.

Depending on your address you can get internet services like VDSL or ADSL and in some cases as slow as dial up.

Alternatives to fixed broadband are wireless options like Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) are delivered over the mobile network, but to get these wireless options you will probably need a good view.

Companies offering this service can be found here:

Rural Broadband Initiative service providers

Another alternative is:

Stratanet Wireless Internet