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Fire Brigade News

The last few months have been more settled in Waiatarua with the brigade attending relatively minor incidents. These ranged from motor vehicle accidents, fire alarm activation and power lines across the road. Despite the relatively small scale of the events, it is satisfying to be in a position to support our community by helping those involved. This is often simply providing advice and reassurance after life has gone in a bit more of a hectic direction than ex-pected.

Part of our role is community risk reduction and hands down, the best part of this is school visits. We recently attended Oratia School on their last day of term to join in the fun and it didn’t disappoint. A swarm of tog wearing kids mobbed the truck with the intention of getting as wet as possible. Now if there is one thing a fire truck does well, it is shift water, and shift it skyward was their request. We quickly got to work and created a late summer shower to ac-company their slip-n-slide and pool activities.

Engaging with the kids is one of the best things we get to do as they are enquiring and open to our safety message and we are truly stoked to hear them proudly explain smoke alarm locations, escape plans and safe meeting places to us. These messages are life saving and if we can help deliver them please reach out to us.

Follow this link for more information.

We are a well resourced volunteer station, but we need your help. The lifeblood of what we do is our people and numbers matter. If you have been considering volunteering, Fire and Emergency is a great way to directly support your community. Please reach out to us for a no obligation discussion.

Steve Smith (Chief Fire Officer) – 021 398425

Regular Training night – Monday 7:30pm

Gareth Wilson
Waiatarua Volunteer Fire Brigade


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