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Post-Lockdown get-together

This event has ended

There was an oversight – the event notification was not removed from the website and as editor for this website I apologise to those of you who arrived at the and did not realise that this event was unable to go ahead.

Lock-down has been tough! Especially in Waiatarua, the rain, hail and land damage has been extensive. Some of you have had large chunks of land slip away leaving you to deal with insurance companies and EQC along with the ongoing stresses as COVID-19 Delta creeps it way west.

The Waiatarua Ratepayer & Residents Association invite you to an evening of conversation and refreshments at the Hall.  It will be a good chance to share some stories and advice or just to be supportive. We can also tell you about some of the work  being done by the combined resident and ratepayers groups all across the Waitākare Ranges.

Please join us. We will have some short structured conversations and then it will be time for a catch up with neighbourhood friends and other Waiatarua locals .

Everyone is  welcome.

See you there! (Covid levels permitting)

Waiatarua Hall, 911 West Coast Rd, Waiatarua from 7pm onwards