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2021/22 President’s report

The president’s report would normally pick out the years highlights and reinforce the information you have received in the Audited accounts and Treasurer’s report.

Once again, 2021 was interrupted worldwide by COVID and here in New Zealand we underwent several lockdowns. The last lockdown was most likely the hardest and during that time we also had a huge storm that was a real eye opener for all locals and had an effect on properties along the ranges.

There were several major slips both on reserve and local properties and major questions about the effect on our roads with some healthy slips in the bush alongside the roads along the Scenic Drive. I suggest that all property owners take the opportunity to have a good look at the drainage on the property and if they live near the roadside on a hill ensure that the council has the roadside drainage sufficiently maintained.

There were a few positive outcomes however during the year.

We were fortunate in the earlier part of the year that we had the opportunity to regularly hire out the hall resulting in more revenue to fund the upkeep of the association. Marq and Matt have done an excellent job and we now have new automated blinds, an automated screen which can be to show movies or for presentations. We also now own a projector and a brand new stand alone sound system. All these new additions will make the hall more attractive for people to hire and for running local events.

The newsletter under Erin’s stewardship continued to get produced and delivered either electronically or by hand despite lockdown restrictions. A great effort and I would like to thank those volunteers who assisted. Not such good news on the advertising front with revenue down for the year. A great effort is required for someone to go out to the local and wider business community and sell some advertising. This is a challenge for someone in 2022.

We were unable to host the usual volunteer’s lunch prior to Christmas. We had plans to host a locals event to allow the residents an opportunity to reconnect and share their stories post lockdown which was also postponed.  It is planned that both these events will happen around March. Of course, this will be subject to where we are at that time regarding COVID.

The library had a quiet year. Thanks again to all the volunteers who keep this open, especially significant in the latter part of this year as Grant and Carol have been stranded in Australia. In fact,  as I write this, they are still there.

You are going to hear from Rita Steel our Environmental lead and I recommend that you take this opportunity to hear what plans she has for the year and see how you can step up and support them. She will also update you on this year’s activities.

Once again there are a few roles to fill on the Committee and I hope that some new people will step up to the plate. The two key roles to be filled are those of President and Treasurer. Time availability is a key factor in joining a volunteer committee like this. If you really do not have the time to devote, then it is best not to say yes. Knowing how much time is also key which is why we have created job descriptions for all the roles that outline what is required and the approximate time needed. These are available on the website or you can request one from the secretary.

Last year I indentified the need for the Executive to form closer relationships with the key stakeholders. I asked that the Ratepayers and Residents tell us what they want from the Association. From that we would be able to create a Charter or Mandate upon which to operate. and develop a plan to deliver outcomes in the future. This did not happen. We got zero information from members and this needs to change if you want outcomes.

One of the key successes this year was the agreement between all 11 associations across the West on how they will operate as a joint voice for the community. How this is to work has been set out in the last couple of newsletters and the details are also available on the website. The focus is to have 5 separate working groups who each have at least one priority that they will work and deliver on. A joint voice when it comes to working with other groups, the Local Board and Council.

The joint Executive group will be chaired by Mels Barton and will have two members from this Association, the President and Vice President. It was agreed that it would be those who held these equivalent from all 11 associations would form the lead group. Anyone can be part of the five sub groups, they are not required to be on the executive and these groups will all have a separate lead who will report to the Executive. I am hopeful that this will be a success.

You are also going to hear from Dr Deborah Russell, elected representative for New Lynn and Councillor Shane Henderson. They will speak about local issues and some specific initiatives that affect our Local region. I would like to thank them in advance for putting time aside in their busy schedules to speak with us.

In finishing I would like to thank the current Executive for their efforts this year. I would also like to thank all of the volunteers without whom this does not work.

After 18 months as the President I would like to think that we achieved some small goals. I am stepping down to focus my efforts on Neuro Connection Foundation. This is a worthy cause that delivers a required rehabilitation service to those who suffer from neurological events like strokes or in my case Guillian Barree Syndrome.  Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best for the future.

Thomas Hoey

President 2021

The word document is in the link below and can be downloaded