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Waiatarua Library

Library Hours

Thurs: 10am – 12pm

Friday: 7pm – 8pm

Saturday: 11am – 12pm

Sunday: 11am – 12pm



911 West Coast Road, Waiatarua

Under the Community Hall

The Waiatarua Library is staffed by volunteers and new acquisitions are funded by Auckland City Library.  All are welcome to the library but you need to be a member to borrow.

Membership is free when you become a member of the WRRA.

The librarians are always interested to know what the community would like to read.

If you have a suggestion for a book you should think the library should have then please email Grant Longley at

Opening hours are:

Thursday 10am – 12noon.

Friday 7pm – 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am – 12noon

Books can be reserved by calling the Library during opening hours (09) 814 9353 or by email:

Membership to the library is free for all WRRA Members.