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Welcome to Waiatarua

Heart of the Waitakere Ranges

Waiatarua is a special place located in the heart of the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area. It has regionally significant landscapes and a unique character. A distinctive community resonates with its low-density dispersed settlement, spread out as a ribbon along the ridgelines of the Waitakere Ranges.

Waiatarua is physically located at the centre of the Waitakere ranges.

If you’ve ever been to the famous black sand beaches of Karekare, Piha or Anawhata then you’ve been through Waiatarua.  We are the gateway to those west beaches.

If you are in Auckland and look out to the west you can see us; Waiatarua is where the tall communications mast on the top of the ranges is.

If you draw a straight line between the Skytower (Auckland CBD) and Piha, Waiatarua is halfway along it.  We are also halfway between Titirangi and Swanson.

The name Waiatarua, of Maori origin, is said to translate into English as Song of Two Waters, although some doubt remains as to the exact origin and translation.

The hills used to be crammed with mighty Kauri; felled by European settlers there are few left, and those that remain are threatened by a recent and fatal disease.

From the 1950s to the 1970’s Waiatarua gained favour as a place of rest, not too far from Auckland many had holiday homes here.  The clay soil and isolation also suited potters who ran diesel oil kilns, before electricity was a reliable option.

Today Waiatarua is still a treasured place of tranquillity for residents and visitors.  It offers fantastic views, bush walks and is a vital buffer zone between the city and the regional forest park beyond.

The name Dreamlands was used by a would-be developer at one point, and if you’ve ever been here on a day when the sun is shining but we are also surrounded by cloud, you will easily understand the inspiration this place generates.