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Plant of the Month

Renga Renga Lily

The low maintenance Renga Renga Lily, also known as the New Zealand Rock Lily (Arthropodium cirratum), is a great replacement for the invasive agapanthus and an alternative to bromeliads.
Renga Renga lilies are clump forming perennials about 75 cm tall with soft grey green arching strappy leaves. They cope well with dry coastal areas but do best in dappled shade and when mass planted they are an impressive sight in spring and summer when they send up tall spikes that produce clouds of white flowers that are followed by fruits and seeds that are attractive to birds.

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May 2021 Coprosma Repens

If you’re looking for a hardy ground cover, Coprosma Repens has fast become a favourite at my house. Unfortunately not locally sourced, I did get a lot from Rogers for $2 and utilised it on banks and other shady spots where we have failed to establish other plants. In fact we have planted it in the places tradescantia used to be. It’s glossy and bright green so looks beautiful and keeps invasive weeds at bay – win all round!

– Rita Steel