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How to choose a library book

I enjoy reading, but can never decide what book to read next. We have a great library below the community hall, but I always feel a bit overwhelmed at the huge number of choices available to me. Being a nerd from way back, I decided to let technology help me. I have created a spreadsheet on my phone and when I open it, I randomly get told what book to read. It tells me: The stack number (A – F) Front or back side (1 or 2) Shelf number (1-5) Book count from left (1) or right (2). I follow those instructions, and whichever book I come to, that is the one I borrow and read. I have found lots of books that I would never have chosen otherwise.

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September new books

We have some good news! We will be able to purchase some new books shortly for you. We did manage to get a few for you. Library volunteer Christine has kindly reviewed a couple of them

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Volunteers Urgently Needed

We really need more volunteers for the library as we have lost a few.   Some have moved out of Auckland or into retirement villages. We are also having trouble with illness and covid isolation.  Come in and see us on a Thursday from 10.00am – 12 noon,  or pop in on a Saturday or Sunday morning between 11am to 12pm. We will gladly welcome you!    Do you know where the library is?  We are situated under the Community Hall, just come down the steps and you will find us.   See you soon.   Barbara Field