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From the President


Hi All

I’m not sure about the rest of you but this has seemed like a long five weeks. Living on Brabant Road, my daily routine includes walking my two labradors either up towards Mountain Road and back or down to Elevation and back.

Some observations I have made and thoughts I have had during these walks are:
Lots of cars, lots of bicycles and more motorbikes than ever before. As most of you know, this is a small stretch of road so I’m not convinced that all the traffic comes from locals. Vehicles parked up at the lookouts and more than usual reports of thefts and cars being broken into; The recent major storm and subsequent rainfall has impacted greatly on our roads and particularly the roadsides; As I walk down to Elevation on what was once a footpath I see that the mudslides are coming ever closer to the road with the verge side disappearing. Only a matter of time I think; In some areas like the corner opposite the Waitakere Resort and Spa entrance, vegetation, including some sizeable trees, hang over the road ready to fall at any time; I also think of the many residents that have had their properties damaged by the storm and how that has added to what is already is difficult situation during a level 4 lockdown.

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