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Summer is coming!

While last updates were predicting a La Niña summer (wetter conditions than normal), all bets are off this season, given last year’s La Niña summer brought drier conditions than normal. So with that in mind make sure your gutters are clear, your pipes are all working and you have no leaks in your tanks because collecting rain water becomes a priority this time of year. You can also protect any plants you’ve planting by ensure a good layer of mulch or cut grass etc to cover the soil (keeping it wet). Don’t weed mid summer (unless you’re weeding noxious or invasive species like climbing asparagus and jasmine). A layer of chickweed will protect your soil from the harsh sun. 

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Weed of the Month: Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)

Originally from West China, jasmine may smell and look fantastic, but this is one very nasty weed. As a rapidly growing climber it is able to reach even the highest of established trees, smothering and eventually killing them. This is a great time of year to get into the bush to take out jasmine, before the weather warms and the bees and wasps are out in full force.

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Proline Advice on Landslides

Ross Sudds has written this article offering advice for those of you who have had your land slip away.

Following the terrible storms over the past few weeks, I feel prompted to write as some of you may have suffered some form of earth movement or landslip on your property and are not exactly sure of how to proceed.

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Wasp Blitz Weekend 2022 Funding Success

Off the back of increasing complaints about the wasps in summer, the Waiatarua R&R are very happy to announce the local board have given us funding for a joint project with Oratia R&R to decrease the wasp population out here.

The funding allows us to train up to 10 volunteers who will work together to place bait stations on up to 80 properties. The bait (Vespex, a low-toxicity insecticide, which targets the yellow jacket Vespula vulgaris species) is taken back to, and kills the queen, which collapses the colony. This blitz will be carried out over one weekend as it needs to be done all at once, so colonies don’t simply “find another queen”. In addition we are aiming for late summer as this is the best feeding time and means wasps won’t have time to build up another colony before the cold weather sets in. Fingers crossed the blitz should allow more of us to head outdoors into our backyards and wander through the bush without coming under attack from yellow jackets.

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