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Author: Catherine Wells

Library news

We have just received a great new selection of books from the Auckland Library. Come and have a look, there’s sure to be something for you.
We have also purchased more books for your reading pleasure

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Criminal behaviour

Criminal behaviour has been a hot topic over the past months and sadly some of our local businesses have been directly affected with both the Oratia Dairy and Kenlock Motors (Mobil) being subjected to break ins. Our thoughts are with the business owners and staff, as this is a very unnerving and frustrating time for them.
As a result, our team have been conducting a number of night-time patrols in the past few months and have reported several instances of suspicious activities to Police. Our patrol has come across vehicles (and people) acting in a questionable manner, who have quickly de- parted on seeing our patrol car. This is immediately reported to Police Comms and all de- tails recorded. What we do can make a difference.

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The Waiatarua Tunnels

The distribution of our newsletter must be effective and widespread (congratulations Tony Bacon). Since my letter in the March newsletter about mystery tunnels found in Waiatarua I have been contacted, from Waihi where he now lives, by Peter Beveridge, son of Bill Beveridge. Bill was a park ranger between 1970 and 1990 who, in recognition of his extensive knowledge of all things relating to the Waitakere Ranges became colloquially known as “Mr Waitakere”.

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Mary Bendall and the Bendall family – original settlers

Mary Bendall was the only woman amongst the original Crown Grants awarded for settlement at Waiatarua. Mary’s land – which eventually amounted to 264 acres – was at the junction of West Coast Road and today’s Scenic Drive and ran westwards over the hill to today’s Quinns Road.
What distinguishes Mary as a settler was not just that she was the only woman, but that she was a widow with four children aged between 11 and 19 years when she emigrated and chose this remote high point of the Ranges as her new home.

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