Waiatarua Ambushed by AT Again

Auckland Transport have announced a new bus timetable for West Auckland that deletes Waiatarua from the Auckland public transport map.

Limited consultation was carried out by AT some years ago and the result was they said the 156 bus for Waiatarua was to be discontinued in late 2016.

But this never happened and now a new set of Waiatarua ratepayers and residents have become reliant on the bus in 2017.

Then out of the blue AT sent the WRRA a pack of pamphlets and a poster and even asked us to do some unpaid marketing for them to promote these changes.  However, the blow being struck to Waiatarua is not even mentioned in any of the exentsive publicity.  What a slap in the face!

This insult gets worse when you consider that AT promised to give Waiatarua plenty of notice (NOT the 3 weeks they’ve hit us with!) and also to provide advice on how school kids can transition to newly provided Ministry of Education buses.

The WRRA is working with Local Board Chair, Greg Presland, and Auckland councillors Linda Cooper and Penny Hulse to try and retain the 156 at least until the end of 2017 as well as following up on promised trials of more innovative approaches to public transport in the Waitakere Ranges.

No Water Treatment Plant in Oratia says WRRA

Media Release of Waiatarua Ratepayers and Residents Association

Friday 10 March 2017

No Water Treatment Plant in Oratia says WRRA

The people of Waiatarua are demonstrating full support of their close neighbours and friends of Oratia in the face of the Watercare threat.  The proposal to force an industrial scale water treatment plant on the border between Waiatarua and Oratia has shocked both communities.

“The anxiety, confusion and panic that Watercare has brought to this place demonstrates incompetence of some degree.” said Peter Casey, President of the Waiatarua Ratepayers and Residents Association.

Waiatarua and Oratia understand and respect the special nature of the land they have chosen to live on and the heritage value it holds for Aucklanders, visitors to Auckland, and indeed all New Zealanders.

People are proud to call Oratia and Waiatarua their home, particularly those with parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who have settled in and maintained this area as their home.

“Ratepayers and residents have expressed to me a deep worry and concern that they will lose family and friends from the neighbourhood.  And that’s before we even start talking about the impact of the lengthy destruction and construction phases of the Watercare proposal for Parker Road.”

“That Watercare might be trying to fund this development by selling off the Exhibition Drive land donated by some of the key visionary founders who conceived and created the Auckland water system  adds insult to ratepayer injury.  I call on all Aucklanders to make some noise and call out this duplicity.”

The WRRA as one of ten resident and ratepayer associations within the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area questions why Watercare has not called for smarter and more efficient water use for all of Auckland rather than proposing to rip apart a community.

“In Waiatarua many of us collect 100% of the water we use.”  Peter asks “How much water could Auckland save if even half of homes and businesses caught the rain that falls on their roofs?”

Contact – Peter Casey, President, WRRA – 0274 32 32 49 – www.waiatarua.org.nz

Internet here is unhappy and slow

We are local, we live and run out business from here and we know the challenges that people put up with because of poor quality internet.

We have recently upgraded our own private supply of fast internet, and are now accepting expressions of interest from members of the Waiatarua community who wish to have their internet supply improved.

Should you be interested please email your details through to info@doers.net.nz

Waiatarua Weed Bin Survives Misuse

The permanent weed bin at the corner of Kauri Loop Rd and West Coast Rd has been removed due to frequent abuse by contractors and other people.

However, it will be returning once a month on the second Saturday of the month from approx. 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

There will be a staff member from Ecomatters on site during this time to ensure that only the correct weeds are put into the bin.  This information is on the sign where the bin used to be.

The bin will be there this Saturday 8th October.

The Great Waiatarua Debate Returns!

After a couple of years hiatus The Great Waiatarua Debate returns.

We’re incredibly excited to see the moot “The West is Always Best” debated with equal parts vigour and humour by our celebrities.

Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to get yours to avoid disappointment.

For all the details, click here.

Meet the Candidates Audio – NOW AVAILABLE

This is the audio recording of each candidate speaking about themselves.  Coming soon are the questions and answers.

Peter Casey, WRRA President, welcomes all.

The running order for speaking was selected by random ballot by candidates as they entered the hall.

Council ward candidates speak first…


Council Candidates are first asked to speak according to a number drawn from ballot as they arrived

Penny Hulse is introduced and then speaks…

Ken Turner speaks…

Greg Presland speaks…

Linda Cooper is introduced and then speaks…

John Ridell is introduced and then speaks…

Peter thanks the council candidates

Local Board Candidates are were then asked to speak according to a number drawn from ballot as they arrived

First up, Denise Yates…

Neil Henderson speaks…

Dave Dempster speaks…

Sandra Coney speaks…

Carl Harding speaks…

Tracy Kirkley speaks…

Apologies from Michelle Clayton, and others…

Linda Potauaine speaks…

Janet Clews speaks…

Saffron Toms speaks…

Diane Goodley speaks…

Steve Tollestrup speaks…

Question time:

We have more audio available of questions put to candidates and this will be available real soon….

Comment below if you would like to be notified.


Meet the Candidates audio coming soon

On Tuesday 13 September we hosted both would-be Council and Local Board candidates.

The audio from the Meet the Candidates meeting at Waiatarua Community Centre will be posted here as soon as possible.

The audio file is currently being processed and edited to make sure you can go directly to the candidate or question that you want to hear.  (The single unedited audio file is also currently too big to upload here.)

Check back here again soon; or post a comment below and you will get notified when the audio is available.

(Event details are here.)