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Exciting few months coming up

I’m delighted to announce that we will be running our second annual Waiatarua Photographer Of The Year competition. Last year, we received a lot of high quality entries which demonstrated the incredible level of talent within our community and now is the time for all our enthusiastic photographers to shine again.

Here’s the criteria for the 2024 Waiatarua Photographer Of The Year

All photographs must have a connection to Waiatarua

The photographs submitted must have been taken within the last six months.

Entries must be received by 28th April 2024

It’s time to check out our wonderful scenery and our wildlife, so take your best photos and send them to


Help us restore the Community Hall Gardens.

 On Saturday 13th April 2024, we will be having a working bee in order to tidy up and clear the grounds at the Waiatarua Community Hall. Those  who have been here long enough will  remember how the grounds used to look before the seating area became overgrown. Our intention is to eventually restore the Community Hall grounds to its originally beauty and potentially beyond, but it all starts on 13th April with a working bee. So  if you have a few hours spare and are willing to help to dig up some weeds and help out with some trimming then we need your help. There’s no need to register, just turn up on the day with your hat, gloves and a weeding tool if you have one. We will be starting at 10:00am. We will look forward to seeing you there.

2024 Waiatarua Indoor Bowls Tournament

There’s been a change to the date of our first ever Indoor Bowls Tournament, It’s going to be held on Saturday 15th June so check your diary and clear a space on your shelf for the Waiatarua Indoor Bowls trophy. In next month’s newsletter we will be announcing the full details There will be two categories, singles and doubles and competitors will have to register prior to the event. We will not be able to accept entries on the day so if you want to become a Champion then email me at to register. There’s no fee, just let me know if you want to enter the singles or doubles or both.

If you want to know more about indoor bowls or if you haven’t ever tried then come along on a Thursday night at the Waiatarua community hall and join our indoor bowling Community. We start at 7:00pm every Thursday and it’s $3 per person with all proceeds going to good causes.

Mid-winter Christmas Dinner

 Have you ever wondered what Santa gets up to when it’s not Christmas? Well apparently Santa is planning to visit Waiatarua and will be joining us at a Mid-winter Christmas dinner on Saturday 13th July to be held at our Community Hall. We are still trying to work out the details with Santa but being honest I’m still annoyed with him for only bringing me Deodorant every Christmas for the past five years.  I’m getting the impression that Santa is trying to tell me something, anyway as soon as Santa explains himself can work out the details and can let you know but until then, keep Saturday 13th July free in your diary.


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