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Slower speeds on our local roads

Waiatarua roads will soon have reduced speed limits, as part of Auckland Transport’s plan to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Our main roads such as Scenic Drive, Forest Hill Road and West Coast Road, will go to 60kph, with side streets becoming 40kph zones.

The narrow winding residential side streets, such as Raroa Terrace and Kauri Loop Road, often have blind corners, reduced width and no markings yet are currently 70kph or even ‘open road’.

The Piha Road intersection, a notorious high crash zone, will be reduced to 60kph while still allowing 80kph on the Nihotupu to Anawhata section.

Submissions to the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, received earlier this year, showed strong support for reducing speeds on all roads, and providing more footpaths and safe ways for people to cycle.

On the other hand, some submissions said reducing speed limits would not work and the roads should be improved to allow faster travel.

Auckland Transport is changing the speed limits for 1600 roads across the region. The changes come into effect in Waiatarua from March 2023 when new signage is due to be installed.

See the street changes below

Atarua Gardens Full length 70 40
Brabant Road Full length 100 60
Bush Road Full length 70 40
Cascade Avenue Full length 70 40
Forest Hill Road between 35m south of Holdens Road and West Coast Road 70 60
Old Forest Hill Road Full length 100 60
Piha Road between 300m west of Quinns Road and 50m east of Anawhata Road 100 80
Raroa Terrace Full length 70 40
Scenic Drive between 120m west of Quinns Road and 70m north of Brabant Road 100 60
Scenic Drive between 165m east of West Coast Road to 120m west of Quinns Road 70 60
Scenic Drive between 70m north of Brabant Road and 3645m southeast of Tawari Road 70 60
Tui Cresent Full length 70 40
Piha Road between Quinns Road and 300m west of Quinns Road 70 60
Quinns Road Full length 70 60


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