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WASPS BLITZ : Update from the R&R

Hi All, for those of you who have signed up to have your property baited up for wasps - please look out for the survey in your email inbox - weather permitting this will happen this weekend so we just need a few details!!!

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White Rata / Metrosideros perforata

My garden is buzzing with bees and bumble bees. They are all over the white rāta vines that climb up the whekī trunks at the edge of my garden. Metrosideros perforata, to give it its latin name, is part of the pohutukawa / rata family and is one of 12 species native to Aotearoa /New Zealand.

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Summer is coming!

While last updates were predicting a La Niña summer (wetter conditions than normal), all bets are off this season, given last year’s La Niña summer brought drier conditions than normal. So with that in mind make sure your gutters are clear, your pipes are all working and you have no leaks in your tanks because collecting rain water becomes a priority this time of year. You can also protect any plants you’ve planting by ensure a good layer of mulch or cut grass etc to cover the soil (keeping it wet). Don’t weed mid summer (unless you’re weeding noxious or invasive species like climbing asparagus and jasmine). A layer of chickweed will protect your soil from the harsh sun. 

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Shout Out to the “Stone Fairies” of Waiatarua

During our latest lockdown, Waiatarua resident Catherine Hughes has taken her daily walk around Bush Road, Atarua Gardens and Raroa Terrace. Most mornings she spotted little painted rocks for folk to see placed in areas along the way. Each day a different one would appear. Just recently she had one placed by her letterbox (see photo).

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Weed of the Month: Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)

Originally from West China, jasmine may smell and look fantastic, but this is one very nasty weed. As a rapidly growing climber it is able to reach even the highest of established trees, smothering and eventually killing them. This is a great time of year to get into the bush to take out jasmine, before the weather warms and the bees and wasps are out in full force.

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