This month we held a transport meeting to gather issues important to you in Waiatarua.  Now that we’ve gathered the issues we’re able to prioritise and build plans around getting better representation from Auckland Transport.
Piha, Karekare and Anawhata are often regarded as black diamonds in the crown of Auckland’s natural heritage and all who visit must travel through Waiatarua.  Both Auckland residents and visitor/tourist numbers will keep increasing.  This means that the traffic on our roads will also only increase.  Locals commented they have noticed effects of increase over the past 5 years or so.
Safety Issues
For any road safety issues call AT on (09) 301 01 01.  We plan to keep a register of commonly occurring issues and raise these with AT.  It would be very helpful if you can contact us at the WRRA when you raise a safety issue and let us know what it was and the reference number.
(Of course, if it is a life threatening emergency always call 111; but if the road safety issue remains after the emergency, or was caused by unsafe road, also lodge a ticket with AT).
PLUS, if you see a car crash or leave the road please ring AT and also have them record it in their database of crashes.
The removal of a speed advisory sign by AT near 751 West Coast Road has resulted in a doubling of cars leaving the road this year and yet AT won’t replace it, partly because they have no records of most of these crashes.  They think and tell us that this is an improvement; but it is not.
The WRRA will continue to work to have this sign replaced, hopefully before someone gets hurt or killed at this corner.  The intersection of Piha Road and Scenic Drive is also a priority.
Speed Limits
A national guide to setting speed limits is being developed.  This is likely to allow more sensible step changes to speed limits along a road, rather than, say, 70km/h all the way.  May also allow limits other than 50, 70, and 100 km/h.
Auckland Transport (AT)
A Council owned organisation, AT recently implemented measures to ensure it consults locals on any planned changes to roads or transport.  However, under the Super-City structure ratepayers cannot talk directly to AT, except for safety issues.
To represent to AT we need to go through the Waitekere Ranges Local Board; Greg Presland attended the meeting and was helpful in explaining some of the issues.
Footpaths can be established by AT, but with Local Board discretionary funding; these are costly and we are unlikely to be successful in the short term.
Roadside Weeds
AT are responsible for these and is an on-going issue to have them recognise that some of the methods they use worsen invasive weed spread in Waiatarua.
It has been disappointing to see that the provision in the draft AT design guide for the ranges has deleted the provision for smooth seal on stretches of road where noise impacts houses.  In the early days of AT before they began consulting effectively a lot of this smooth seal was destroyed with chip seal, and we’re putting up with increased noise.  The WRRA will campaign to have this rectified.
The ranges are an awesome place for a training ride, but the narrow roads can make it tough, as well as both inconsiderate drivers and cyclists.  A hard one to improve on.
Specific Local Issues
  • Brabent Road has had no maintenance in 15 years.
  • The area between Old Forest Hill and Forest Hill Road is AT land and the weeds are overtaking.
The 156 Bus Service will be discontinued this year and replaced by school buses.  No information on this yet.  A trial of on-demand shuttles to the west coast beaches will hopefully include Waiatarua.
Please get in touch with any other issues or visit .