Auckland Transport have announced a new bus timetable for West Auckland that deletes Waiatarua from the Auckland public transport map.

Limited consultation was carried out by AT some years ago and the result was they said the 156 bus for Waiatarua was to be discontinued in late 2016.

But this never happened and now a new set of Waiatarua ratepayers and residents have become reliant on the bus in 2017.

Then out of the blue AT sent the WRRA a pack of pamphlets and a poster and even asked us to do some unpaid marketing for them to promote these changes.  However, the blow being struck to Waiatarua is not even mentioned in any of the exentsive publicity.  What a slap in the face!

This insult gets worse when you consider that AT promised to give Waiatarua plenty of notice (NOT the 3 weeks they’ve hit us with!) and also to provide advice on how school kids can transition to newly provided Ministry of Education buses.

The WRRA is working with Local Board Chair, Greg Presland, and Auckland councillors Linda Cooper and Penny Hulse to try and retain the 156 at least until the end of 2017 as well as following up on promised trials of more innovative approaches to public transport in the Waitakere Ranges.

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  • Penny

    Hi Peter

    Good article. Thanks. Yes Oratia R&R got the same pamphlets and posters. Transport services are cut but asking community volunteers to do the marketing and distribution of the posters for free . With no mention of the cut services. I don’t think anyone else in the supply chain would have been asked to work for free. Our services do have costs we have post office boxes, run websites and create, print and distribute newsletters. Perhaps next time they could put $50 in the envelope which is the cost to advertise in the newsletter as a gesture for the efforts.

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