Media Release of Waiatarua Ratepayers and Residents Association

Friday 10 March 2017

No Water Treatment Plant in Oratia says WRRA

The people of Waiatarua are demonstrating full support of their close neighbours and friends of Oratia in the face of the Watercare threat.  The proposal to force an industrial scale water treatment plant on the border between Waiatarua and Oratia has shocked both communities.

“The anxiety, confusion and panic that Watercare has brought to this place demonstrates incompetence of some degree.” said Peter Casey, President of the Waiatarua Ratepayers and Residents Association.

Waiatarua and Oratia understand and respect the special nature of the land they have chosen to live on and the heritage value it holds for Aucklanders, visitors to Auckland, and indeed all New Zealanders.

People are proud to call Oratia and Waiatarua their home, particularly those with parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who have settled in and maintained this area as their home.

“Ratepayers and residents have expressed to me a deep worry and concern that they will lose family and friends from the neighbourhood.  And that’s before we even start talking about the impact of the lengthy destruction and construction phases of the Watercare proposal for Parker Road.”

“That Watercare might be trying to fund this development by selling off the Exhibition Drive land donated by some of the key visionary founders who conceived and created the Auckland water system  adds insult to ratepayer injury.  I call on all Aucklanders to make some noise and call out this duplicity.”

The WRRA as one of ten resident and ratepayer associations within the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area questions why Watercare has not called for smarter and more efficient water use for all of Auckland rather than proposing to rip apart a community.

“In Waiatarua many of us collect 100% of the water we use.”  Peter asks “How much water could Auckland save if even half of homes and businesses caught the rain that falls on their roofs?”

Contact – Peter Casey, President, WRRA – 0274 32 32 49 –

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  • Kathy

    Absolutely agree. Having lived in Waiatarua 24 years, I have come to know and love many people on Parker Road, our children have grown up together, our lives are intertwined, our stories are shared, our experiences are connected. I fear for my friends, for the backyard orchards and gardens whose bounty is shared with so many friends, family and workmates, I fear for this community made up of people who had dreams of a better life, living more closely with the land, contributing to the environment, the bee keepers, gardeners, and orchardists. I feel so sad for the children whose future in the homes they were born in, is being threatened and thereby causing anguish to them and all those that love them. This is more than 18 houses being required for the upgrade of a water system, this is so very, very much more!

  • Fiona Ritchie

    I was on the understanding that Exhibition Drive was to be developed for the Titirangi community as a park. Is it common knowledge that it is to be sold, for no doubt, a profitable amount to property developers?

    • Peter Casey

      Watercare have confirmed that Exhibition Drive will not be sold to private interests and public access will be maintained.

  • Ron Teague

    Thanks for your support Peter.

  • Peter Thatcher

    WaterCare decision makers, how would you like this in your community. Just think of all the air pollution and noise..
    Are you going to pay for the upgrade of Scenic drive to take the thousands of heave lorrys. Or the tax payer.

  • Jean Lawrie

    My cousins live in Parker Road and it is alovely place that has been tended and cared for over the years. I was there from Wanganui a few weeks ago. The gardens are lovely. They have 3 dogs who are able to roam on the grounds. The two girls have lots of friends and have stay over visits with the neighbours who are very close knit. They have loads of vegetables,fruit trees and bee hives. Please let the whole community stay there

  • Sam

    It is indisputable that the Huia treatment plant is becoming incapable of servicing a rapidly growing Auckland.The problem is far greater than a group of Oratia residents under threat of losing their homes. If in the long run the Parker Road site provides the best geographical and financial option then the answer seems obvious. All Auckland ratepayers should vote on this and Watercare provide comparative estimates for completion at the sites under consideration. Then everyone can decide.I agree it is a heartbreaker for the property owners concerned but to say that Oratia is under threat is a bit of an exaggeration. Take a drive up Shaw Rd and you will see that the “character”of Oratia is already altering as landowners subdivide down to the minimal allowable land size.

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