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2020 though was different. Plans were interrupted worldwide and all of our lives were affected in some way. For the Association it has meant less opportunity to hire out the hall resulting in less revenue to fund the upkeep and running of it. The Executive managed the situation well as the results clearly show.

The newsletter under Erin’s stewardship was a main contributor in 2020 as was the receipt of the $3000 funding from Council.

We did of course have an election in 2020 and we at Waiatarua were the only association to hold a “Meet The Candidates” evening. This was a major success give the restrictions of level 2 and we had in total close to 70 people in attendance. As an outcome of this we have had ongoing contact with Dr Deborah Russell our sitting MP for New Lynn. These relationships are important as we move forward.

We also hosted a successful volunteer’s lunch prior to Christmas and again had the MP in attendance along with Linda Cooper, a Local Councillor.

We have clarified the role requirements for membership of working committees or the Executive and these are now live on the website.

Erin has revamped the Newsletter to allow more space for local businesses to advertise whilst keeping it’s true intention which is to publish locally contributed articles. This needs your support. So, if you have a business to advertise or know anyone that has then please get in touch with Erin.

During January we had the library decorated with new carpet and a paint job. Thanks to Grant Longley for arranging and supervising this project. This was funded from an old council fund, set aside for, and used specifically for this purpose in all rural libraries.

We are also about to have major changes to the Executive with four members, Sue Smith, Treasurer, Peter Casey, Secretary and Committee members Brett White and Sue Bowers not standing for the coming year. So we have 4 vacancies to fill and opportunities for some new young residents to get involved in the community.

Time availability is a key factor in joining a volunteer group. If you really do not have the time to devote then it is best not to say yes. Knowing how much time is also key which is why we are creating the new roles. There will also be more roles in the future which means we can have more volunteers achieving more in less time.

We need closer relationships with our key stakeholders but the first step is to clearly identify who they are and what relationships we require. One of these groups are you the members. You are all here tonight. That must mean that you have an interest. There is not enough of you here I’m afraid so how can we fix this It would help if everyone was to speak with 2 neighbours who are not here and ask them, if they are members and if not, why not. That would be a great start.

I want you, the Ratepayers and Residents to tell us what you want from the Association. From that we can create a Charter or Mandate upon which to operate. Then we can in the next few weeks develop a plan to deliver a few outcomes in 2021. We will then report our success or not at delivering on the plan at the next AGM.

You are going to hear from Sue Dell about the community patrol and Rita Steel our Environmental lead and I recommend that you take this opportunity to not just hear what they have to say and what plans they have but to step up and support them.

I would also like to mention the Locals nights at Elevation. Carol Longley is the lead here and in my opinion has created an incredible venue for locals to meet and get to know each other. They are getting larger each time and Carol also managed to get the sitting MP along last time. Well done Carol and keep up the good work.

Tom Hoey

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