The executive committee is elected annually at the AGM which is held in February.

Any member of the WRRA can be nominated for election.

The rules stipulate that at least one Librarian shall be co-opted as a member of the executive committee.  The current librarian on committee is Grant Longley.

See below to find out more about the committee members.

The current editor of the Waiatarua Community News is Erin Kingsleigh-Smith.

Thomas Hoey


Phone: 027 585 1486


Ryan Robertson

Committee member


Marq Holibar

Vice President

Sue Smith


Erin Kingsleigh-Smith

Waiatarua News Editor

Peter Casey

Secretary - Website Admin

Ross Forbes

Committee Member

Brett Whyte

Committee member

Grant Longley

Committee member

Rita Steel


Sue Bowers

Committee Member

Andy Crawford

Committee Member

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